Date posted 04 Aug 2021

Mike is a member at Better Gym Walsall Wood. New to the club, Mike shared with staff that he has been on an amazing journey overcoming addiction, losing weight, whilst battling the stresses of mental health in his day to day life.


Mike has asked us to share his story in the hope that it can help release others who may have shared similar struggles.


This is what Mike had to say.


 “Before I joined Better Gym Walsall Wood, my daily routine consisted of: 

- 6 cans of Diet Coke per day (addicted).

- 6-8 Co-codamol per day (500x30mg, 4 yrs addicted).

- Takeaway or Fast Food at Dinner time.

- Fast Food, Pizza or Chippy Tea time.

- Crisps and chocolate on the night.

- No exercise.


I had got to the point where I was too conscious to take my jacket off because of my weight. People around me wouldn't question my trips to take my medication because it was a part of my routine.


Since the gyms re-opened in April, I have pushed myself to make changes in my life. I'm no longer addicted Co-codamol & have completely stopped taking them.


Instead of drinking 6 cans of diet coke, I now drink water. This has been one of the hardest changes for me, but I have kept it up for the last 2 months.


I've made massive changes to my diet, by stopping myself having snacks & talking myself out of having takeaways & replacing those habits by having healthier higher protein meals.


As a result I now feel less tired, I have more energy to do things with the kids and I feel happier about the way I look, which leaves me feeling great.


I still don’t feel comfortable posting regular gym pics to my story, but it helps seeing the progress and I’m proud.


I hope this helps someone who is facing or has faced a similar life.”


We are all extremely proud of Mike and so pleased for his amazing achievements so far. Well done from us all at Better Gym Walsall Wood.