Date posted 09 Mar 2022

FREE to our members at Better Gym Walsall Wood is a NEW Healthy Lifestyle programme designed by our very own Health and Fitness Manager Maxine.

Once joined members receive 12 weeks of support, which includes scheduled weekly weigh-ins, education and guidance on how to make better food choices, weekly exercise challenges that encourage participants to be more active with simple tasks that can be done around the gym, at home, or out in your local park, to suit all fitness levels.

The members whose goals are weight loss work within a reasonable calorie deficit tailored to their individual goals. The goals & targets set are simple, realistic & achievable, with one of the best features being that NO food items are off limits which is awesome!

Members are also encouraged to aim to complete 8-10,000 steps each day & participate in 3 classes of their choice per week, or 3 workouts in the gym or at home. Members can book their instructor support each week by booking an “Ask the instructor” slot via the Better UK App, where they will have their stats logged, receive programme updates, encouragement and  their next set of goals for the upcoming week.

So far the programme has seen most of its members steadily losing 1-2lbs per week. Featured in the picture is Steve. Steve is one of our members who’s been with this club for a number of years & since joining the programme in January Steve has lost an amazing 11lbs (5kg). Other success stories include Maxine (Not the manager) with a whopping 16lbs (7kg) & Abi with an astonishing 19lbs (8kg).

We think they all deserve a huge shout out for all of their efforts.

If you feel you would like support in aligning your training with the progress you would have hoped to see at this stage in the year, for more information visit our centre (Better Gym Walsall Wood), where staff can instruct you on how to begin and start your healthy lifestyle today!