Latest Service Update

Last updated 20th January 2021

Leisure services - England, Cardiff and Belfast

  • We regret that, in line with the latest government instruction, all our Better Leisure Centres, (gyms, swimming pools and outdoor facilities) have temporarily closed until further notice. 
  • You need take no action, as we will automatically apply a payment pause on your account. We will not take any payment from you and will ensure you are not charged for any of the period we are closed.
  • When we are allowed to re-open, we will re-start your payments automatically unless you request that your membership is put on ‘freeze’.
  • Once we have a re-opening date we will write to you via email and there will be a link in that email that will enable you to ‘freeze for free’ if you do not feel ready to restart at that time. Otherwise, your membership will be restarted and your fees will be collected.
  • If you have an annual membership, we will automatically apply an extension to your account for the period we are closed.

Library services - England only

  • Some library services are available in some locations. Click here to find your nearest library and the available services.

Frequently asked questions

Memberships and payments

What’s happening to my membership?

  • In line with the latest government advice, all Better leisure centres, indoor swimming pools and gyms across England Tier 4 areas, Belfast and Cardiff have temporarily closed until further notice. 
  • We will automatically apply a payment pause on your account and we will not take any further payment from you during the period we are closed.
  • If you have an annual membership, we will automatically apply an extension to your account for the period we are closed.
  • If your membership is currently frozen, there will be no change to your account so you will remain on a membership freeze. If your freeze is due to end during the four week closure, this will automatically be extended.

I want to cancel my membership.

We have a number of options to help you through this difficult time, please complete a Customer Service enquiry here to discuss further.

How has the closure impacted my annual membership?

  • Your membership has been frozen during the closure of our facilities, so your annual membership will resume once our centres reopen. 
  • For example, if you have 6 months remaining on an annual membership and your membership was placed on freeze for three months, you will still have another 6 months remaining once the freeze is removed from your annual membership.
  • As announcements are made and our leisure centres are able to reopen, we will communicate via email to inform you of your membership restart and renewal dates.

Advance Activity Bookings

Can I get a refund for an activity that I booked and paid for before you were closed?

If you have purchased an activity session in advance, request a refund via our Refund Request form and select "Advance Booking Covid-19 Closure" as the refund reason, and we'll process this accordingly.

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Our Customer Experience team are busier than usual during these challenging times, but we're listening to what you need and we're here to help.

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