Improve your football skills

Looking for a way to keep active and healthy? Better has the answer with over 100 affordable weekly football lessons. No matter what your age or ability we offer a range of courses to get you or your little ones alive and kicking.


Our new, unique football curriculum for children is designed to put fun at the heart of learning.

- Four core technical principles taught; control passing, shooting and dribbling

- Regardless of experience, we aim for each player to individually and continually develop to ensure they receive the best and most personalised experience

- Fun atmosphere, forming the best possible environment to learn, develop and make new friends

- No over-coaching, no over-complication - just simple, fun sessions



Course Structure

Our specially designed courses are open to all abilities from 18 months to 12 years of age, boys and girls, regardless of experience. The course structure teaches the core principles of football techniques, developing skills as the pupil moves through each level.


Track your progress online

When you book a Better lesson or course, you can track you or your child's progress using our online progress tracking tool; Home Portal. It's easy to set up and allows you to access information and updates on the go.

Features include:

- Record of achievement - clear and regular updates on progress, including achievements and areas for improvement

- Book and pay online - pre-plan and skip the queue, allowing you to go straight to your lesson. Dates, times and levels (subject to availability) all found online

- One account for multiple children - perfect for schools and families

- Easy administration - view your credits and update your contact information at the click of a button




Book Online

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