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Local football lessons and coaching

At Better, we want every child to be able to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. That’s why we offer a range of football lessons and courses for kids of all ages and abilities to help every child enjoy the nation’s favourite sport.

Led by our qualified coaches, our junior football sessions (for 5-10 years and 11+ years) let your children improve their technique, boost their fitness and meet friends along the way, all in a safe and supportive environment. Getting them into a routine of weekly training also means your child will exercise regularly, helping them enjoy staying active.

From our football training programme that focus on the fundamentals to coaching sessions which help kids hone their skills, discover our affordable football lessons.

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Our football training programme

Our kids’ football training programme is designed to put fun at the heart of learning. Our dedicated coaches create a fun environment where children of all ages and abilities can learn the fundamentals of football and access expert support as they work on their skills. With a ratio of 2:24 coaches to pupils, your child can get individual and continual development support throughout their training. Pupils will also be split up into age groups so coaches can make sure they’re delivering lessons at the right level.

Our junior football coaching focuses on these four fundamentals:

  • Strength – developing physical skills with conditioning movements
  • Dribbling – moving around the pitch and keeping the ball moving
  • Passing – intentionally kicking the ball to other players on your team
  • Shooting – hitting the ball with the aim of scoring a goal
  • Positioning – learning techniques to improve teamwork and passing

Pupils will learn these skills through a mix of fun and technical activities like drills, games and casual matches. They’ll also develop their teamwork skills as they learn how to work together to pass and score.

Alongside boosting their fitness, our football lessons are a great place to make new friends and interact with peers, helping kids learn core social skills.

Why take football lessons at Better?

Expert Coaches

All of our coaches are passionate and FA-qualified, and are invested in creating a friendly and warm atmosphere where your child can learn and play.

Convenient Locations

From indoor pitches for all-weather play to 5-a-side pitches for friendly matches, we have plenty of football facilities across England so everyone can enjoy this great game.

Online Booking

With our website and app, it’s easy to book football lessons and training online at a time that works for you. Check your local centre to find out more.

Book football coaching online and track your progress

To make a booking on the website:

  • Visit our Lessons and Courses booking page
  • Enter your postcode and select ‘Football’ from the drop-down activity list
  • Select a centre to to see activities and availability
  • Click ‘Book’ on the timeslot you want and log in or register to complete your booking

On the Better UK app:

  • Log in and find your nearest Better centre
  • Select ‘Lessons and Courses’ and then press ‘Book New Lesson on Course’
  • Enter your postcode and select ‘Football’ from the drop-down activity list
  • Select a centre to to see activities and availability
  • Click ‘Book’ on the timeslot you want and log in or register to complete your booking

If you’re a Better Health member, you’ll have 7-day advanced booking so you can get the session that you want. Join today to enjoy priority booking and other benefits.

You can also track your child's progress using our online tool: Home Portal. This tool allows you to access information and updates on the go.

Other benefits of using Home Portal include:

  • Record of achievement - clear and regular updates on your child’s progress, including achievements and areas for improvement
  • Book and pay online - pre-plan and skip the queue, allowing you to go straight to your lesson. Dates, times and levels (subject to availability) all found online
  • One account for multiple children - perfect for schools and families

Visit our Help Centre for more information about using Home Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start football lessons?

At Better, our football lessons start from 2 years but your child can start football training at any age. For younger kids, football can help them develop key motor skills whilst teens will learn transferrable skills like teambuilding and co-ordination.

What should I bring to football lessons?

At Better, we want to help everyone enjoy a game of football. All you need to bring are a pair of trainers and appropriate clothing like comfortable trousers/shorts and t-shirt.

You might also want to bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated while you train. 

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