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Courts for hire

From badminton and tennis to squash, basketball, volleyball, and handball, find a variety of courts available to hire at your local Better leisure centre. With many ways to get involved, including joining a friendly drop-in session, taking part in a league or perfecting your skills with some lessons, why not bring it to Better. You can also hire a court and put your friends to the challenge.

Types of courts available

Tennis Indoor and Outdoor

Whatever the weather, you can pick up a racquet and play tennis throughout the year at your local Better leisure centre. 

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Challenge your friend to a high-energy game of squash by hiring at court at your local Better leisure centre.  

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Discover the world's fastest racquet sport and play singles or doubles at a Better leisure centre near you. 

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Get involved in a local league or create your own - play netball and hire a court at a Better leisure centre near you.

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Want to join a team sport? Try a game of volleyball at a Better leisure centre and burn off energy while having fun. 

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Back of the net - pass the ball and score a goal by playing a game of handball at your local Better leisure centre.

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