Better Gym Cannock is great value for money at just £19.95 per month with no contract!

We have a 100 station gym with Cardiovascular, Resistance, and Free Weights equipment.

We provide a range of equipment to target all of your training needs.

With a friendly and vibrant atmosphere we also provide ample free car parking facilities and changing rooms.





Get your heart racing and your blood pumping with our wide range of cardio equipment. Our selection of  treadmills, bikes, and rowing machines will help you speed up the metabolic process and burn calories.




Strength & Conditioning Area

We have a great strength and conditioning area at Better Gym Cannock.

We also run classes in this area which follow a 6 week block of training based around improving the technique of different Olympic lifts.  A superb programme if you’re willing to throw yourself in at the deep end! 

At the end of a 6 week block all member PB’s are taken marked up on the board, then we go again, next 6 weeks, new lifts, new techniques, no sign of plateau!!



Group Cycle Studio

Here at Better Gym Cannock we also have a dedicated Group Cycle studio invigorates all to get hearts pumping! It plays hosts to our energised and fast paced group cycle classes. 




Row Area

We have a great area for rowing here at Better Gym Cannock.

We also run classes where members can learn different rowing techniques and track personal bests.  In this class you get a full body, low impact workout that will improve core strength, work the heart & lungs and build lean muscle in just 30 minutes. 

Outdoor Area

We have a great outdoor training area at Better Gym Cannock.

We run specific classes on our outdoor area based around agility and body weight exercises.  We do have some toys to play with too!  Using our 2 - 20 metre tracks we incorporate GUN-eX® elastic battle ropes which are the perfect tool for PT and small group training.   

The whole area is great for functional training offering full body conditioning and develops athletic and coordination skills.  We also utilise the track for sled / prowler push and pull drills – a great way to develop strength in your legs and core! 

Our 'rocket' stand has multiple attachments for TRX and resistance bands to make sure we can ensure every Outdoor class is a full body workout.


You can relax in our Sauna after your work out or class. A great way to wind down!