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Squash Court's Out of Service / Allan o Wasanaeth Cwrt Squash
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Date posted 14 Jul 2023

As GLL gears up to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we are pulling out all the stops to create an unforgettable weekend of festivities from July 21st to 23rd. Embracing the spirit of nostalgia, we are taking a fun-filled trip down memory lane to commemorate three decades of fitness, community, and fun.

Embrace your full potential with 30 x free 30-minute fitness classes across Cardiff, celebrating our 30th anniversary! It's time to sweat, shape, and soar like never before!

At Fairwater Leisure Centre, the atmosphere will be buzzing with a Charity Cake Sale alongside thrilling activities like Inflatable Fun. Additionally, badminton enthusiasts can drop in and enjoy some friendly matches.

In a time travelling twist, we are offering adults the chance to swim during Swim for All sessions at the 1993 price of £3.07. Get into the pools and relish a nostalgic experience while paying homage to the past.

To add a touch of humour to the celebrations, we're also bringing back iconic pop hits that rocked the charts. In a fitting tribute, the UK number one hit from July 21st, 1993, "Pray" by Take That, will echo through the centres, taking participants on a musical journey down memory lane. Across the Atlantic, where "Jurassic Park" reigned supreme on the US Billboard Charts, its timeless appeal will be felt as well.

Reflecting the political landscape of the time, when John Major was Prime Minister, the anniversary celebrations pay homage to this era by incorporating some of the most beloved TV shows of 1993, including Gladiators, The Bill, and Only Fools and Horses. These throwbacks will evoke fond memories, creating an atmosphere of joy and laughter.

Join us from July 21st to 23rd for an extraordinary weekend that fuses the past with the present, celebrating 30 years of health, wellness, and community spirit. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that will leave you reminiscing, smiling, and energized for the future.