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Date posted 18 Dec 2019

Better leisure centres across Cardiff has been proud to have supported Tŷ Hafan throughtout 2019 - but in 2020 we have even bigger plans and we need your help.

Tŷ Hafan is a charity that holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Renowned as one of the UK’s leading pediatric palliative care charities, Tŷ Hafan offers care to children and support for their families throughout Wales.

Without the support of external funding - a staggering £12,000 is required to operate Tŷ Hafan for just a single day.

Quite simply, all the Better leisure centres in Cardiff would like to support Tŷ Hafan by 'paying for a day'. Our goal in 2020 is to raise £12,000 across our 8 Centres which we can then donate to Tŷ Hafan.

From January 2nd 2020, they'll be collection tins on all of our reception desks. If you would be kind enough to donate your locker pounds every so often, we'd really appreciate it. We're also looking at running a number of Family Fun Days across the City to help fundraise.

However, it's a big total and we'd like to raise it as quickly as possible - so we'd love it if our customers could come up with ideas and support this endeavour. No idea can be sillier than some of those we've already thrown around the office!

So that's our aim and request. In 2020 we want to support Tŷ Hafan and 'pay for a day' - we'd love your support.