Date posted 12 May 2022

Our Active Leisure Scheme includes fitness classes and sporting activities these aim to get you active, have fun and meet likeminded people at the same time

Come and try our new classes and activities they include Yoga, Pilates, Body Conditioning, Circuits, Strength & Conditioning, Aerobics, Walking Football, Nordic Walking, Bowls, Badminton and Table Tennis

We are also running new Tai Chi classes if you are looking for gentle movement that will leave you feeling strong and reinvigorated, try a Tai Chi class.

Benefits include:

  • A low impact exercise class for everyone - Tai Chi focuses on a series of slow and gentle movements that both strengthen your body without breaking a sweat. People of any age or physical condition can experience the benefits of this mindful activity.
  • Improves your balance – when practicing Tai Chi, you get used to slowing it right down, and moving through a range of positions with precision and control. This will improve your balance.
  • Build Strength - you’ll be surprised by how strong you become when practicing Tai Chi. This non – contact sport really works the muscles in your upper and lower body.
  • Better posture- as part of the practice, you focus on the breath and individual moves. This makes you more aware of your body and can with posture and alignment
  • Relaxation time – improve your breathing technique as you move slowly and controlled throughout the practice, which helps you to naturally slow down and relax.

These sessions are running at Eastern, Fairwater Llanishen, Maindy, Western Leisure Centres and STAR Hub.

The cost is £3 per session also included in some memberships. Ask at the centre for details

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