Date posted 16 Aug 2019

Star Hub is extremely proud to be part of the Fit, Fed and Read campaign. A first for Wales, this important project targets under privileged children who sometimes go without activity and even food during the holidays.

Fit, Fed and Read is a StreetGames UK Initiative formulated in response to a growing body of research on the tripling inequalities of holiday hunger, isolation and inactivity. For those young people growing up in disadvantaged families, the school holidays can be a very challenging time- particularly when they are sat at home alone ,or entertaining themselves on the streets whilst their friends are – unavoidably –flaunting the great time they’re having on holiday or at the local sports camp.

This is where the team at Star Hub and partners come in to help.

Fit, Fed and Read kicked off in August where an incredible 34 children attended the initial launch. On arrival we conducted a little survey to find out what activities and foods that they liked, each child was given a small journal in which they filled out and this will be completed on every session to follow their journey.

To start the day they all had fruit and toast before participating in games on the field. Cardiff City football foundation also attended and delivered a 1hr football session.

In the community room the children took part in   arts & crafts, board games, and   table tennis. Marie, a Star Hub librarian talked about the summer reading challenge and encouraged the children to join in.

To finish the day off the kids had Tuna pasta and filled out their journal.

In just 4 sessions, we are proud to have now helped over 190 children, ensuring that they are receiving healthy meals, encouraging social skills and improving on their activity levels.

Rachel Carter who works for StreetGames said:

"I brought our head of operations today and she was amazed at the turnaround that you guys did in such a short time with such an amazing turnout and so many activities already! Congratulations! "

#EndHolidayHunger #FitandFed

Partners that are working with us together on this project are below

  • Cardiff Council ( Libraries )
  • Welsh Government
  • StreetGames
  • Centregreat Engineering
  • Innovate Trust
  • Cardiff City Football Club
  • Cardiff Blues