Be inspired, get motivated and challenge yourself in our gym at Better, Truro Leisure Centre!

Opening Hours

Day Open Close
Mondays to Fridays 6.30am 10pm
Saturdays 7am 6.30pm
Sundays 7am 7.30pm




You will find the following CV stations ready and waiting for you at Truro Leisure Centre...

  • Teadmills
  • Cross Trainers
  • Rowers
  • Steppers
  • Upright Bikes
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Aero Bikes (Spin)

Do you spot something listed that you're perhaps unfamilar with?

Dont worry, your Fitness Instructor will talk you through the CV machines during your induction.




We have an extensive range of resistance machines in place here at Truro Leisure Centre, including the following;

  • Dual Adjustable Cable Machine
  • Assisted Pull Up & Dip
  • Leg Press
  • Chest Press
  • Leg Curl
  • Pectoral Fly
  • Shoulder Press
  • Vertical Traction Machine


The following Free Weight stations and equipment are available:

  • Fixed Barbell Weights 10kg - 20kg
  • Free Dumbbell Wrights 1kg - 37.5kg
  • Adjustable Benches 
  • Power Plate

If you have never used free weights before but feel this is something you would like to try, our Fitness Team are on hand to help give advice, assist or spot you!




Here at Better, Truro Leisure Centre, our personal trainers provide exercise programmes for all areas of general fitness, and are there to give you all the motivation and support you need to achieve your goals.

Your trainer will design a progressive training workout just for you. They'll select the appropriate loads, reps, sets and sequence of exercises, ensuring your time is best spent, giving much better results than if you were training alone. They'll also offer nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Workouts will be challenging, educational yet fun, and hopefully you'll find the experience has a positive effect on your whole life!

All Better personal trainers have REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) level 3 qualifications or equivalent, which is the required national standard.


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