The GP Referral scheme in Eden has been running for over 3 years now and is as popular as ever. Referrals usually come from GP Practices but other clinical physicians can also refer patients. If you feel you would benefit from Exercise Prescription under supervision, get in touch with either your GP Practice or contact us direct and speak to Karen Peet, Lead referral Instructor at Penrith Leisure Centre or Polly Bainbridge, Lead Instructor at Appleby Leisure Centre.

The scheme runs on a 15 week programme, where clients receive a personal programme written for them. The accompanying photos show our referral circuit class - takes place on a Thursday between 12-1pm at Penrith.  This is an extra class both current and ex-referral clients can attend, it’s fun, sociable and of course it helps keep you fit and active.  

The scheme has seen many success stories over its time, none more so than Josie and Glenn who are also pictured.

Josie was one of the first to take part in the scheme in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. She had never used a gym before now attends between 2 & 3 times a week.  

Glenn took part in the scheme in its second year of running and was then re-referred as he needed further support, he now uses the gym on a weekly basis and is still enjoying himself!