We’re celebrating Harry Potter Book Night at

Louth Library!

2020 will see the sixth annual Harry Potter Book Night celebrated throughout the world. At Louth Library we are holding our event on Thursday 20th February when the magic commences at 10.00am and concludes at 11.15am.


Young wizards, witches & Muggles will be treated to a morning of games and crafts in a Triwizard Challenge theme. Visitors are welcome to join in with our Harry Potter fancy dress competition, coming along as their favourite character.


A real live Hedwig the Owl will also be there to join in the celebrations. Hedwig was Harry’s 11th Birthday present from Hagrid. Come along and see if you can stare him out.

There are limited spaces so booking is essential


You can find out more about Harry Potter Book Night at www.harrypotterbooknight.com.