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Date posted 18 Feb 2022

Are we slowly returning back to societal normality? 

Following the pandemic, it has been hard to define what is "normal" in society, and has outlined how various lifestyles encapsulates society, rather than following a one size fits all model. This has been proven by the impact that COVID restrictions have had on certain demographic groups, including those living with Dementia in the community with their carers, who have dearly missed their opportunity to socialise and communicate. Dementia Club UK provides this vital service for the community withing Barnet which has been and continues to be a lifesaver.

The return of Dementia Club UK in partnership with Better has provided that spark back to members' lifestyle. The welcome return of Dementia Club UK at Barnet Copthall has provided members with more purpose to return to the community, alongside various other projects which Dementia Club UK run across Barnet, which has increased members morale. 


Dementia Club Session 2: Tuesday 8th February

Lisa Rutter and her team ran yet another fantastic session in February, which encapsulated various activities such as bingo, chair exercises, dancing, singing, and of course topped off with a ravishing spread of cakes, biscuits & refreshments. 

Here are a few words from Lisa Rutter on the session: 

Dementia Club UK and BETTER at Copthall had a second successful session on Tuesday 8th February. This is a monthly session on the second Tuesday of every month from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. We also welcomed a visitor from The London Borough of Barnet - Aleisa Carrington ‘Prevention & Wellbeing Development Officer’

Lisa Rutter the Chairman welcomed everyone whilst everyone was enjoying their teas/coffees and lovely cakes and chats. There was also time for a fun Bingo quiz before Rachel Karbaron the exercise instructor arrived. Everyone enjoyed the chair exercises mixed with some dance exercise routines which are great fun. The last part of the session is with Ian James our music entertainer who gets everyone up and dancing with lots of music favourites. Everyone leaves with a smile. Dementia Club UK is not only for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia but it’s also for the carers and families giving them respite and support and also for those who have lost someone with dementia and are now lonely. For further details and information please contact Lisa at www.dementiaclubuk.org.uk.  


up next: Dementia Club session 3 (march 8th) 

Many thanks to the following influential members who are vital to Dementia Club: 

Lisa Rutter (Dementia Club UK Chairman) for organising the event and activities. 

Daniel Oriot (Barnet Copthall General Manager) for facilitating the event and providing a fantastic spread of food & drink. 

Rachel Karbaron for providing engaging chair exercises and dance routines. 

Ian James for another fantastic musical performance. 

Barnet Copthall welcome back Dementia Club and anyone living with dementia on Tuesday 8th March between 1:30 and 3:30pm for the third session of the year!