Date posted 01 Oct 2021

Meet the Team

We wanted you to know more than just the face of our staff here at Better gym Bexleyheath. We all have an individual story which we would love to share with you. Please read our testimonials below and always feel free to come and talk to us in the gym, we love to get to know our members.



I appreciate what a healthy mind and health and fitness can bring.  In the gym I like the positive and active environment and the buzz it can create. I am fully qualified to teach Fitness classes which I really enjoy. Being someone who looks after my own well-being and fitness I enjoy being involved in various sports and I also enjoy the interaction with gym members who can also be inspirational and interesting.  It’s its own community.



I have worked for BETTER for nearly 10 years. Starting at Bexleyheath when we first opened and working around the Greenwich borough gaining experience in libraries, reception, customer service and the gym. Once I had completed my FI course I came back to my favourite centre of all, Bexleyheath as a fitness manager, I just love the community feel here, the members make this gym for me. I enjoy mixing with all the different ages that come in and I love helping people on their fitness journey, especially with feeling comfortable in the gym, as this is something I struggled with for many years. 



Well where do I start? I’m Josh; many of our members know I’ve been around for over 3 years with GLL. I have Worked across 3 centres but mainly located at Bexleyheath Centre. I have been into fitness since I was a teenager, from being overweight to changing my lifestyle/health completely turning my life around. I have broaden my horizons by becoming fully qualified and I can also teach various types of classes – Group Cycle, Circuit training, Box fit. The reasons I got into the fitness industry was to help people/members/customers change the way they live there day to day life helping them on there very own journey like when I started. My Interests outside of the gym is just to maintain a good social life and keep a strong positive mind-set everyday.