We’re making improvements to Southgate Leisure Centre

As a charitable social enterprise, we're committed to improving your service in your local community. That's why we're excited to let you know that we'll be carrying out an extensive £750k refurbishment to Southgate Leisure Centre starting Monday 10th June.  

What's changing? 

As part of the upgrade to your facilities, there will be various changes to improve your health and fitness experience and provide you with a wider range of activities and options enabling you to work towards a healthier you. Changes include: 

  • A full equipment replacement in all areas of the gym and studios 
  • Complete redecoration of the gym and studios including replacement flooring in the gym 
  • Full refurbishment of the health and fitness changing rooms. 


First look

How long will the improvements take? 

The refurbishment is expected to take 3 months and there may be some disruption to services at the centre, such as a temporary closure of the gym, studios and changing rooms. But don't worry, we'll work hard to minimise the effects on you. Keep reading to find out when these closures will take place.  

Temporary closure of the health and fitness changing rooms

From Monday 10th June, the gym changing rooms will be temporarily closed until Wednesday 7th August to allow us to start the refurbishment work. You can use the swimming pool changing rooms during this time to freshen up after your workout. Future improvements to the swimming pool changing rooms will take place later this year.  

Temporary closure of the gym

From Monday 15th July until Wednesday 7th August, the gym will temporarily close to allow work to begin on the gym refurbishment.  

Temporary closure of the fitness class studios

From Monday 22nd July until Wednesday 7th August, the fitness class studios will temporarily close to allow us to start redecoration work in these areas. This will mean the regular programme of fitness classes will change. We’re currently working hard on a new programme for our members and nearer the time, we will be in touch with these details.

Keeping you moving  

During these temporary closures, members who hold a membership at Southgate Leisure Centre will be provided with an automatic upgrade to the Better UK Wide membership, allowing you access to alternative Better leisure centres in your area. Check out the list of all the locations here. Your upgrade will take effect from 15th July 2024 and will revert to your original membership type on Thursday 8th August 2024.

Your support really matters 

As a charitable social enterprise, every penny we make is reinvested back into providing much needed facilities and services in your local community - so your support really matters! 

Thank you for choosing Better