Welcome back!

We are jumping, turning and leaping with excitement to start welcoming pupils back to Performing Arts Classes! As your safety is of upmost importance to us, we have made a number of changes in line with Government and Governing Body guidance, along with enhanced hygiene measures, to ensure your visits are as safe as possible.

Unfortunately there are some locations and types of lessons that are unable to return yet. A list of suspended lessons can be found below and we are working hard to resume our full range of lessons as soon as possible.

Your cooperation, along with the safety measures and all the efforts from our performing arts teachers, will help keep your visit safer, better and stronger than ever.

Why choose a lesson with Better?

Once you join us you are part of a growing family of performing artists that have been evolving for over 17 years. We offer a variety of performing arts classes which have something for everyone, from tots to professionals providing community arts based Education. Our classes include Dance, Musical Theatre, Drama and One to One Music Tuition. Our friendly qualified teachers are all Enhanced DBS checked. All our classes are all in a safe and welcoming environment.



We have created a combined set of classes, each class will contain ability groups which will each have a teacher ensuring that each lesson meets the needs of the pupils in that group and in some cases increase the amount of ‘Active Learning’ time.

All our current customers have been moved across to the relevant new class, each pupil will then be assessed to ensure they are placed in a suitable ability group within that class. We are conscious that many of our pupils will have not had lessons for over 6 months and our primary focus over the opening weeks of our programme is that their reintroduction to performing arts classes is a safe and enjoyable one.

•All classes must be booked in advanced; entry will not be permitted to the centres unless you are booked onto a class.

•Arrive dance ready.

•Arrive 5 minutes before your start time, please wait at the designated drop off zone where your teacher will collect you.

•For children under 5 years parents will be permitted to wait in the designated waiting area. In line with Government regulations we ask all parents and/or guardians wear a face covering while in the centre.

•The cut off entry time for all performing arts classes is the start of the lesson time.



Choose from tap dance to ballet, creative dance to commerical. Our structured classes involve a range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance. We encourage individuals to flourish in a friendly learning environment offering expert guidance to help you or your child reach any dancing goals.

All new students can come and try a class for FREE - we call it a taster session. Download our timetable to see our full range of classes.

So what are you waiting for? Release your inner performer and join a class today.....




Our Drama classes will have something for everyone. Drama is a brilliant way to improve speech, speaking in public or to friends and peers, social interaction, confidence and self-esteem. It can also encourage reading, balance, focus and sense of determination. Children express themselves discovering new skills and using their imagination through improvisation, script work, voice projection / technique, acting styles / character work and performances.

Musical Theatre

An exciting mixture of drama, singing & movement. Performing arts is an excellent way to assist with reading, balance, focus and determination to succeed. Musical Theatre is one of the fastest growing areas of interest within the dramatic arts. Musical theatre is a theatrical performance that combines songs acting, and dance. The class also encourages and motivates young people to interact with each other.


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One to One Music Tuition

From beginner to professional our one to one lessons are suitable for all and start at age 6 years.

Lessons are after school and at weekends and start at just £18.50 for 30 minutes. After the first initial lesson payment the classes are paid by Direct Debit, there are no registration fees and you can enrol at any point in the term.

Early musical training can help develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Music students learn to think creatively and to solve problems by imagining various solutions. Music study enhances teamwork and discipline and provides children with a self-expression.

All our classes are all in a safe and welcoming environment where customers know they are going to get an excellent lesson and value for money. We constantly promote community cohesion and social inclusion within the community.

We offer lessons in the following instruments Woodwind, Strings, Voice, Keyboard, Brass, Popular and have a minimum age for each instrument

Students are given the opportunity to perform in concerts and listen to fellow students. 

To enquire now email theplumsteadcentre@gll.org


What are the key changes?

•A new Customer Journey ensuring that we manage the flow of customers through the building and during and after lessons enabling social distancing.

•A new delivery model that ensures our lessons are safe, progressive and fun for all children taking part.

•Enhanced cleaning measures throughout the centre.

•A reduced number of different classes. Pupils will be ability grouped and taught by our  teachers to ensure progression.

How have you made lessons COVID-19 Safe?

We have ensured that our lessons follow Government and industry guidance  and that the whole customer journey and environment is safe for our pupils, parents and teachers. The key changes we have made are:

•All lessons have staggered start times to reduce the number of people in areas of the centre.

•All Performing Arts teachers will deliver from designated teaching area marked out in the studios.

•All students will have designated areas marked out on the floor

•All equipment is disinfected before, during and after all lessons.

•All capacities have been designed to ensure that all pupils can take part in lessons safe


Time Class Duration Grade / Level Age Teacher Location 
6.00pm-6.45pm Street Dance 45min General 9 - 14 years Pauline Thomas The Triplets
7.00pm-8.00pm B40 Youth Dance Company 60min General 11-19 years Julian Lewis The Triplets
4.30pm-5.30pm Stage School / Musical Theatre  60min Group Work - Junior 5-11 years Jess and Richard The Vault
5:30pm-6:30pm Musical Theatre  60min Group Work - Intermediate & Senior  11-18 years Richard Cooper The Vault
5.30pm-6.30pm Jazz Dance  60min Premiere & Debut / Grade 1/2 5+ years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets
6.30pm-7.30pm Tap  60min ISTD 6 & Intermediate 12+ years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets
5.00pm-6.00pm Jazz Dance Grade  60min Grade 3/4 / Grade 5/6 10+ years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets
6.00pm-7.00pm Tap  60min ISTD Grade 5 10+ years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets
7:00pm-8.00pm Tap  60min ISTD Advanced 1 & 2 14 + years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets
9.00am-9.30am Ballet 30min Ballet Tots 18mths-3years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
9.30am-10.00am Ballet 30min  Beginners 3 years 3 years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
10.00am-10.30am Ballet 30min  Beginners 4 years 4 years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
10.30am-11.00am Tap 30min  ISTD Pre Primary & Primary 4-5 years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
11.00am-11.45pm Tap  45min ISTD Grade 1 & 2 6+7 years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
11.45pm-12:45pm Drama  60min Junior & Senior 7-17 years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
12.45pm-1:45pm Tap  60min ISTD Grade 3 & 4 8+ years Jess Hrabowsky The Triplets 1
8.45am-9.15am Ballet  30min  ISTD Primary  7 + years Daisy Boyles The Triplets 2
9.15am-9.45am Ballet  30min  Pre Primary (A&B) 5 + 6 years Daisy Boyles The Triplets 2
9.45am- 10.15am Ballet 30min ISTD Grade 1 8 + years Daisy Boyles The Triplets 2
10.15am-11.00am  Ballet  45min ISTD Grade 2 & 3 8 + years Daisy Boyles The Triplets 2

Performing arts classes are paid for by Direct Debit. Direct Debit fees are calculated over 39 weeks – that’s how many weeks our classes run for during the year. The fee for 39 weeks is divided by 12 months to keep the monthly cost affordable. This means that your payments will still come out in August and holiday times when classes are not running.

There is no contract and the Direct Debit can be cancelled at any time providing one months notice.