50+ Club Activity Programme

Kings Hall Leisure Centre offer a Better range of healthy sport and physical activity sessions, especially dedicated for those aged 50 years and over, keep active and meet new friends. *These activities are dementia friendly.

If you are enquiring about exercise because your doctor or health professional has advised you to do so, or if you meet our eligibility criteria and your doctor is able to refer you - we can help. Please view our Healthier Together Hackney page to learn more about accessing gym, swim and classes within this extremely valuable programme.

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Adults over 60 can access both our main and programmable gyms with their Better Senior monthly membership.

Adults over 50 can also access our programmable gym from 9am-4pm Monday to Friday for £2.10 each time, providing they have one of our pay and play memberships.


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Swimming Lessons

Can’t swim or just not as strong a swimmer as you’d like to be? Join the club! Many adults across the UK are learning to swim and enjoying a whole new world in the water.

Our 50+ swimming lessons take place every Monday from 10.15-11.15am.

Speak to staff at reception to get booked on. 

older people doing chair based exercise

Chair Based Exercise

With simpler movements & lower intensity, this class is perfect for people starting their fitness journey, older adults and anyone looking to build confidence. Embrace the flow of natural body movements to develop strength and flexibility. This class incorperates chair based movements to strengthen ones stability and balance.

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Indoor Bowls

Our indoor bowls sessions take place from 12.30-2.30pm every Monday in our sports hall.

Prices start from £2.10 for Hackney residents over 50.

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Walking Netball

Our walking netball sessions take place every Thursday from 9.30-10.30am.

Sessions are led by a fully trained and friendly Walking Netball host who will welcome you to the session and then take you through a gentle warm up and some basic skills. Every session involves an opportunity to play a full game of Walking Netball, and relearn the rules and the positions, and ultimately have fun being active!

Prices start at £2.10 for Hackney residents over 50.

Speak to staff at reception to get yourself booked on.

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Aerobics Basics

Our Aerobics Basics classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 11.15-12.15am and are a great way to keep fit in a fun and friendly environment.

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Senior Fitness Classes


Chair based 11.30am-12.30pm

Pilates 1.30pm-2.30pm


Aerobics 11.15am-12.15pm


Aerobics 11.15am-12.15pm

Senior Health Suite

Monday - Friday

3.00pm- 4.00pm

New Age Games

The New Age Games programme

New Age Games is a sport and physical activity programme for Hackney residents aged 50 and over.

It can help you increase the amount of exercise you do and sustain it, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

The New Age Games autumn/winter full programme. Refer to the timetable below.


To attend a session you must be:

  • a Hackney resident
  • aged 50 plus
  • registered to the scheme
  • follow the user guidance
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