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Date posted 16 Nov 2021

Plastic has impacted on our ecosystem and has sadly now been found in locations around the world, previously untouched by humans. Through a unique way of increasing public awareness of the negative impact plastic is having on the planet, a set of 10 of prints will be installed at the bottom of the swimming pool at London Fields Lido from the 1st of December until New Year.

The viewer / swimmer, has the opportunity to directly engage and experience the work, ‘without breath’ and an opportunity to recognise the absolute necessity to support Marine Conservation Society in fight for the clean oceans or face a future in which the only clarity they will witness in water will be found in the built environment of local swimming pools.

There is no extra charge for the exhibition.   

Additionally, we will be raising money for The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), which is the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. They want UK seas to be abundant in marine life and fish stocks, where beaches and bathing waters are free of pollution and litter.