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Date posted 31 Oct 2019

Ride Side by Side, set up by bikeworks, is a sociable cycle service for people wishing to get out and about, get some exercise and have some fun. 

The project aims to help those with a mobility issue, who may be socially isolated, or are visually impaired to not only exercise, but also have an opportunity to chat with their co-rider (Pilot), interact, tell stories about themselves and reminisce.

Participants can choose to pedal or just enjoy the ride in fresh air as the bikes are also power assisted.

People will be able to book a trip by phone. A rider will pick them up, riding a side by side cycle and take them on a trip of their choice for an hour and half. They can choose to go shopping, visit a friend, visit a local amenity such as local park, go to an appointment, or just explore their areas and get some exercise. They will also get help at their destination, such as help with carrying shopping or getting on and off the cycle.

The project will help people least likely to get their recommended amount of exercise bringing them health benefits. It will enable them to get out in the fresh air and explore their local area. They too will be visible to others giving the locale a more balanced representation of its residents.

It will have a broader impact with regards reducing motorised trips and showcase other ways to get around that are emissions free.

The riders will be trained in cycling and cycle mechanics, managing risk, working with older people and have an up to date DBS check. They will be sociable and friendly.

To help get this service up and running in Hammersmith and Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea, please visit their fundraising page.

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