One of the best things about Better Club Activities is the people you'll meet. You can get fitter and feel better while meeting people and making new friends.


Keeping fit with our sessions has a range of other great benefits and can help to reduce the risk of:


• Heart disease

• Stroke

• Type-2 diabetes

• Depression

• Dementia


Sign up at reception or booking is available online. 




Session Name Day  Time

Exclusive club only swim


  10.30am - 12pm

Gym, Pool and Classes  Monday - Friday   9am - 5pm
Club table tennis Tuesday    2.30pm - 3.30pm
Outdoor walking club*** Monday  11.45am - 12.30pm
Club member spa access* Tuesday    11am - 12pm 
Club social room access** Monday - Friday  9am - 1pm 
Gym, Pool and Classes  Saturday – Sunday 1pm - 7pm


*Limited space available for club spa sessions

**Tea, coffee and biscuits are available

***Weather dependent. If it's raining, sessions will be held inside on tredmills.