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Date posted 18 May 2022

With the increasing impact of climate change, the pressure to lower carbon emissions, and the rapidly rising costs of utilties there is an ever growing need to reduce our energy consumption.

Due to the size of the facilities at Sutton Sports Village the gas and electricity consumption, and subsequent costs, can be extremely high. Therefore over the past 12 months the centre has taken a number of steps to help control its energy usage, including:

- Replacement of lights with brighter and more energy efficient versions 

- Installation of more PIR sensor lighting

- Introduction of daily utility consumption checks

- Closer management of lighting and heating controls

- Life cycle replacement of equipment with more efficient upgrades

This has all helped to contribute to a massive 22% reduction in gas consumption and a 17% reduction in electricity consumption compared to 2019 levels (pre-covid). 

Our carbon footprint has also dropped by 15% year on year and following the centre's most recent energy consumption assessment the centre's Display Energy Certificate (DEC) from the government has us ranked in the top category (A) for the lowest emissions. The typical score for a public building is 100, and the centre has a score of 10. This figure is also a significant reduction on its previous audits and its pre-covid levels. 

The centre is continuing to push for more ways to further reduce its gas and electric consumption in 2022 and is currently looking at changing all remaining lights onto LED / energy efficient versions, expanding the number of PIR sensor lights around both buildings to ensure lights will automatically turn off when not required and it is investigating the feasibility of introducing solar panels.

We would also welcome any feedback on ways that you feel we can further improve our energy reduction and continue to ensure good practices are in place. Please email suttonsportsvillage@gll.org with any ideas you have. We would love to hear from you!