Cardiovascular Equipment

If you’re looking to burn some calories and get your heart racing then look no further. Better Gym Teddington has a selection of cardio machines treadmills, cross trainers, rowers, steppers, upright, spinning and recumbent bikes. Located in the bright and airy area of the gym.


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Resistance and Free Weights

Our resistance and free weights are ideal for targeting specific muscles, toning and increasing total body strength. The gym is a purposeful space, with lots of light and room, creating a good workout atmosphere. This also features rubber flooring and a mirrored wall to help you focus on performance and technique. We also house a full range of barbells, dumbbells ranging from 1 to 50kg, workout benches and much more.

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Functional Area

Functional training allows you to train the body to perform activities that are required in everyday life. The Functional area allows you freedom to have the exact workout you desire, it's an open and versatile space packed with multiple pieces of equipment which you can use in which ever way suits you. Functional training has a number of benefits including improved total body strength, improved flexibility, improved joint stability, improved agility and improved posture.


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Fitness Studio

Here at Better Gym Teddington we have a number of fitness classes that are available, upskill your fitness level and reach your goals faster and quicker by taking part to our varied programme that has over 40 fitness classes a week available.

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Health Suite

The Sauna and Steam room provides you with a relaxed atmosphere to come and unwind after an intense work out, the perfect chillout. There are many benefits including relief of aches, pains and stress, improved mobility, cleanse the skin, relaxation of the mind and body.