When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, staying motivated is key. That’s why we’ll work just as hard as you at keeping you focused on your targets.

Gym Induction

Here at Wembley Leisure Centre we have fitness instructors who are able to provide you with a total and basic induction dependent on your needs.

The basic induction is a 30 minute meeting with a qualified fitness instructor who will show you around 2 pieces of resistance equipment and 2 pieces of cardio equipment, during this time they will also take a blood pressure as well as a health questionnaire.

The total induction is an hour session with a qualified fitness instructor who will show you around the different type of equipment that we have within the fitness suite as well as having a health questionnaire filled out and a blood pressure check. During this you will also receive a free personal programme which can be revisited every 6-8 weeks with a refocus session with the fitness instructor.



Refocus session


We also offer re-focus sessions which is where you are able to book an 30 minute appointment with a fitness instructor who will be able to answer any queries that you may have, as well as revisiting the programme that has been set out.

Please speak to a member of staff for more details or email wembley.leisurecentre@gll.org