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Date posted 05 Jun 2021

As a parent, grandparent or guardian, you join your little ones in the pool to share first splashes, laughs and fun. Our SWiMBiES programme takes babies from three months old to age three, preparing them for the next stage of their swimming journey and a lifetime of fun in the water.

All of our classes focus on eight key skills

1. Safety Skills

2. Holds

3. Balance, floatation and rotation

4. Swimming with an adult

5. Aquatic breathing

6. Buoyancy Aids

7. Jumping & Surface Dives

8. Transitions to Swimming


Which class is suitable for us?

Dippers > Entry at three months to cruising (approx 12-18 months). Dippers sessions give you the time to bond while we teach your child the basics.

Splashers > Entry after completing Dippers or children walking (approx 12 months to 2 years). Following on from Fippers, Splashers sessions are a great way to grown their water confidence with you right beside them.

Paddlers > Entry after completing Paddlers or children ages 2 to 3 years old. Paddlers build on the fundamentals and prepares them for swimming independantly.

For more information please email tony.rudd@gll.org

Or book using the following link