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Date posted 03 Nov 2021

With the COP26 Conference underway in Glasgow we're taking the opportunity to let you know about some of the schemes and initiatives we're proud to support here at Hough End Leisure Centre.

  • We’ve had solar panels installed this year.

  • Works to start the installation of ground source heat pumps start in December along with the solar panel battery storage.
  • We’ve been donating to the Team Trees initiative each quarter, this is where each £1 donated is used to plant a tree. 
  • All of our staff are taking an e-learning module around Environmental Awareness. When the team returned to work after the last lockdown, as part of our team rebuilding we watched 'Climate Change the Facts documentary narrated by David Attenbrough on BBC. 
  • We’ve replaced our disposable battery powered items with rechargeable batteries.  
  • We’ve provided shower gel to reduce single plastic waste

  • Our waste is 100% diversion from landfill.