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Following a recent review of the activity areas at Better, Walker Activity Dome,

we have taken the decision to move the current cardio and functional gyms into the Function Room Studio, overlooking the outdoor pitches.  This will provide one large gym area, with plenty of natural light and more headroom, which we believe will create a nicer space in which to complete your gym workout.  The free weights gym will remain in its current location on the ground floor.

Important Dates

Electrical works will need to take place in addition to moving the gym equipment to its new location and we will be closing the existing gym for one day to complete the project.  Below are the dates you need to be aware of*, when there may be some disruption:

  • Friday 14th December: The current gym will be closed to the public whilst the equipment is moved to the new gym.  Existing members will be able to use the gym at Better, East End Pool during the closure
  • Saturday 15th December: The gym will reopen in its new location

*Please note that these dates may change should we experience any unexpected delays.

We appreciate your patience during this time and apologise for any inconvenience caused.  Please check our timetable before your fitness classes or if you have any further queries, contact me via email.

Kind regards,

Steven Duke, General Manager.

Better, Walker Activity Dome