From 27th November Better, Gosling Sports Park will be cashless, here are some of the things you need to know:


  1. QUESTION – Why are you now cashless?

ANSWER – Lengthy waiting times is one of the main concerns raised in our customer satisfaction surveys and this move will cut the queues which build up when people make cash payments

  1. QUESTION – I don’t carry my debit or credit card with me?

ANSWER – you’re able to buy an e-voucher or top up a prepaid gift card online at 

  1. QUESTION – I only have cash, what are my options?

ANSWER – You’re currently able to top up a gift card at our main reception, however please note this will only be an option until 27/11/17

  1.  QUESTION – Will the whole Leisure Centre be cashless soon?

ANSWER – Yes. The whole centre will be cashless from 27/11/17

  1.  QUESTION – I give my child £5 for lunch money, what can I do now?

ANSWER – You can buy e-vouchers or top gift cards online at this will give you piece of mind and the ability to control their spending

  1.  QUESTION – What are the main benefits of being a cashless facility?

ANSWER – Being a cashless facility provides a safer environment for both staff and customers, furthermore as a Business it reduces cash handing costs, cash collections and improves revenue protection

  1. QUESTION – What is the minimum amount I can top up a gift card or e-voucher online?

ANSWER – Minimum top required is £1


  • Many business are now adopting a cashless payment model, companies such as British Airways, Apple and many City based café’s and restaurants only accept cashless payments  

If there are any specific customer questions, please contact: