On Thursday 31st January the Spa Experience, Welwyn team attended an end of year review for 2018. The team had the chance to celebrate a successful 2018 and to meet other Spa Experience teams from around the country. 

During the evening there were presentations about a successful 2018 and a sneak peek of the year ahead. The Spa Experience awards for 2018 were presented with Welwyn WINNING 2 awards: Best Customer Service Team Of The Year 2018, and Superstar Award Of The Year 2018 that was awarded to Gabbie. 

"Gabbie is an asset to the Spa team, her friendly energy and sense of humour brings the team together. She always comes in with a positive attitude uses her own initiative and gets on with what needs to be done.  Gabbie is extremely reliable always on time and has had no absences. She takes much pride in her work and as she has quite the creative side; she has created some fantastic displays and captured many photos for our marketing. Gabbie deserves to be recognised for all her  hard-work and consistency in everything she does. There is also never a dull moment when Gabbie’s around, its great to see how infectious her personality can be on the rest of the team to keep everyone in high spirits."

What a great year for our Spa Experience team who won one of Treatwells Top Rated Spa in 2018 and Best Customer Service Team Of The Year 2018 at the review meeting. The team have had someone great achievements in 2018 and we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store. 

Congratulation Spa Experience Welwyn!