Date posted 10 Sep 2023

I joined the Wellness Hub, three and a half months ago after being referred by my doctor to join the Healthwise Exercise Referral Programme. I live locally so the Windrush was definitely the best option for me to join.


I was seen by the Healthwise Coordinator, Sam. Sam then prescribed me an exercise programme within the Wellness Hub to follow. The programme is based on 12 weeks with regular support and reassessment appointments along the way.


My muscles were very weak after suffering from long covid as well as being very depressed and my motivation being pretty low. 


Now I am already feeling a lot stronger, I'm feeling more toned and I can lift things easier now than I could before. My energy levels and my enthusiasm has improved. My physical and mental wellbeing have both increased since exercising.



The wellness machines are very easy to use, from slow to fast and then interval which is a little harder, but manageable. 


I now add my own resistance so the machines don't do all the work for me.


On top of that I have met some lovely people and we do have quite a laugh. 


I have enjoyed socialising with other people in the wellness hub. It’s a lovely atmosphere with members and staff. It’s an activity that I can do and I enjoy coming back for more.


I honestly now look forward to my visits to the gym every week.


I've have even added swimming and tai chi to my weekly sessions and I enjoy them very much! 


Exercising is keeping my depression at bay. I want to continue to build and push myself further with my fitness levels and getting stronger.  


My life is definitely changing for the BETTER!  I cannot recommend the Wellness Hub and the Healthwise team at the Windrush Leisure Centre enough.