We've pulled together some motivational tips to get you moving and stay on track throughout the year and beyond. 

Redefine what exercise means to you.

If you think of exercise as a chore that's exactly what it'll become; something you do out of necessity rather than pleasure. so why not flip this mindset on its head and redefine what exercise means to you. You don't have to spend hours pumping iron in the gym to get a good workout. Exercise includes a whole range of activities such as a kick about with friends, a Zumba class or dancing until dawn. Essentially, things you enjoy doing or that can easily be built into an active lifestyle (like taking the stairs, getting off the bus/train early and walking the last few stops, gardening). 

Be positive

Start with the right attitude to set yourself up for success. Instead of trying to persuade yourself you want to do something that you don’t want to do, be open to it from the get-go. Switch your mindset so you take on everything positively. For example, if the voice in your head is telling you there is no point in going to the gym because you’re not the sporty type, respond by saying "thank you for sharing, but now I’d like to try something new." 

Exercise to music

Not feeling it? Pump up the volume. Music is a great way to get yourself moving and an energetic song can help you use up more energy without thinking about it. You'll also enjoy the activity more, making you more likely to want to do it again. You can now find certain equipment which helps you use music to keep you motivated. For example, Technogym’s MYRUN, with Running Music, seamlessly synchronises your running to the beat of the music.

Discover your Big Y

There is a saying: "When the why is big enough, the rest will follow." Knowing your goals or purpose is one of the strongest drivers for action, so ask yourself how regular exercise will improve your life. Each time you answer the question, ask yourself again until you come to an answer where you can go no further. Think of this as your purpose, and every time you feel demotivated about exercising, remind yourself of the why.

Take action

Stop procrastinating, take action and you may find that the motivation comes later. Remember, you don’t have to feel like exercising, you can do it because you said you would. If you wait for the feelings of motivation they may never arrive. Start by taking action, for example, by going for a walk, going swimming etc., and once you are doing it, the endorphins (those feel-good hormones) kick in along with feelings of motivation.

Find a training partner

What may be a "painful chore" for you, is someone else’s pleasure. Find someone to train with who enjoys being active and exercising. Not only can they provide encouragement and motivate you when you really don’t feel like exercising, but there is also someone there to keep you going, which is an added benefit.

Work with your body’s natural rhythm

Sometimes the reason for feeling demotivated is because you're out of sync with your body or emotions. The result is that your body or how you feel ends up working against you simply because you’re not giving your body the rest or fuel it requires. You can improve your motivation and your results by identifying a routine for eating, sleeping, and exercising that supports you.

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