What is a single activity membership?

With our single activity membership, you can commit to what matters to you.

Whether you’re a regular swimmer or ice skater, you can choose a single sport membership that’s specific to your needs. Some of our memberships even provide access to Better centres nationwide, so there’s no limit to where your training can take you.

Browse our single activity and sport memberships below to find the one that’s right for you. Alternatively, see our other Better Health memberships for more options.

Why choose a single sport membership?

Here are some of the benefits included with a Better single activity membership: 

  • Access to all Better centres offering your chosen activity*
  • A range of available facilities and equipment
  • Dedicated, fully trained staff on hand
  • Discounts on other activities and services at our leisure centres, pools, gyms, and spas
  • Priority booking to beat the crowds with our Better UK app
  • Free Wi-Fi access at Better centres
  • No fixed contract (leave and re-join at any time)
  • Commit to a sport of your choice for a lower monthly fee than a full Better UK membership
  • Feel good about your membership as part of a charitable social enterprise 

*Facility access subject to availability, please refer to home centre and individual location pages for facility listings. See our terms and conditions for exclusions.

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Swim UK membership

Swimming is the perfect way to be more active and stay healthy – whatever your age or ability. Our Better Swim UK membership is suitable for anyone from beginners to seasoned swimmers.

With our Swim membership, you’ll enjoy inclusive access to over 140 swimming pools, including 10 outdoor swimming lidos and lakes across the UK. Plus, there’s many more fantastic benefits to enjoy as a Better member.

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Male swimmer with blue swim cap

Ice Skating Membership

Looking to have fun and shake up your standard fitness routine? Get your skates on at one of our Better ice rinks. Everyone's welcome, whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your skills on the ice.

With our Better ice skating membership, you’ll get inclusive access to ice rinks during public skate sessions, plus discounted access to other activities.


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Male ice skating in an indoor ice rink


Why choose a single activity membership?

A single sport membership lets you make the most of your chosen activity, without the fuss of extra add-ons. You can choose a membership at your local Better centre or nationwide, depending on your activity type.

The main benefit of this membership is being able to focus on the sport you love, without paying for the facilities you don’t use.

Do these memberships offer access to other Better facilities?

These memberships are only for facilities that apply to your chosen sport e.g. swimming pools and ice rinks. Your membership does not provide access to other Better leisure facilities like our gyms.

Still have questions? View our Help Centre for more membership support.

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Better Health Plus Ice

Make the most of your local Better facilities, including our ice rinks, with a Better Health Plus Ice membership. Whether you’re looking for local fitness classes, swimming lessons, or skating sessions, bring it to Better.

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Monthly Memberships

With a range of monthly Better Health memberships available, Better can help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle with access to gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes in England, Cardiff and Belfast. 

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