Adult Swimming Lessons with Better

Can’t swim or just not as strong a swimmer as you’d like to be? Join the club! Many adults across the UK are learning to swim and enjoying a whole new world in the water.

Swim Doctor is Better’s adult swimming programme for all your swimming needs. With our range of adult swimming classes for all swimming levels, we’ll get you to where you want to be – whether that’s learning to swim for the first time, training for an event by taking intensive swimming lessons, or improving your technique with our Swim Doctor senior swim classes.

Our fitness experts and swim instructors can coach you in groups if you want to learn with a friend, or individually, and you’ll be surprised how easy and fun it is once you get started.

Why learn to swim?

Swimming is a valuable skill to learn in any stage of life no matter your age. Our adult learn to swim classes are fantastic for your physical and mental wellbeing too, as well as being a low-impact sport that most people can enjoy, regardless of age or fitness level.

If you’re searching for ‘swimming classes for adults near me’, look no further, as with Better, you’ll have access to a local indoor swimming pool as well as many more across the country and even some outdoor lidos – ideal for summer swimming. 

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Who are our adult swimming lessons for?

Much like our kids swim lessons, our adult swimming classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Whether you’re looking specifically to improve technique with swimming lessons for adults with disabilities, fitness training to get race ready, or senior citizens swimming classes, chat to our friendly team and we can find the ideal class for you. You don’t even have to be a member to start your adult swimming journey!

Talk to the Better team to find out more or book your next adult swim lesson via the Better App.

What type of Swim Doctor swimming classes for adults are available?

At Better, our Swim Doctor classes offer small mixed groups, women-only groups, and one-to-one sessions for beginners to suit your learning style. You might want to learn to swim, improve your technique or fitness, or even train for an event – whatever it is, our team will help you make the most of your time in the pool in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

swim teacher with adult students

Swim Doctor- Learn

An adult swimming class for learners and improvers. Whether you are getting in for the first time or refreshing and improving your swimming skills, come and learn with our resident Swim Doctor.

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Swim Doctor- Train

An adult swimming fitness class focused on fitness and technique. Whether you are training for an event or wanting to improve your technique and fitness, come and train with our resident Swim Doctor.

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seniors swimming

Senior lessons

Come along to one of our senior swim classes for lessons where you can learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Our patient and caring swim instructors will assess where you’re at, and help coach you to become more confident in the water. Whether you’re learning to swim or enhancing your strokes, our senior classes cater to all needs.

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Swimming lessons for disabled adults

Everyone is welcome to learn how to swim at Better. Where possible, we will look to integrate adults with disabilities into our existing group lessons. Where it might not be suitable we offer 1-2-1 lessons to support adults to learn to swim. Find out more at your local Better swimming pool. 

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Private adult swim lessons

If you prefer to learn in a one-on-one environment, at Better, we offer private adult swim classes with a qualified swimming instructor. Find out more at your local Better swimming pool.

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Overcoming your water phobia

Can swimming lessons for adults afraid of water work? Our trained professionals are here to help you overcome your water phobia with slow and gradual exercises and plenty of support. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you feel more confident in the pool. Find out more at your local centre

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Swimming Tips & FAQs

To help you get the most out of your swim, our Fitness Swimming Ambassador, open water champion and Olympic silver medallist Keri-anne Payne has offered up some top tips to make your swim as easy as possible - swimming smarter, not harder.

  • Keep a regular rhythm, breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose.  The key is to stay relaxed and only breathe as much as you need, not as much as you think you need.
  • Reduce your drag and keep your body in a straight line, look down and feel your legs come up behind you.
  • For efficient propulsion, move the water through the centre line of the body and feel like you're pulling from your finger tips and that you are engaging your lateral muscles.
  • Don't try and master everything at once - work on one thing at a time. Once you've got the hang of this, move onto the next thing.

Adult Swimming Information

How much does a swimming course for adults cost?

Sessions are free of charge to Better Health UK Members and there is a minimal charge of £3 for any other monthly or annual members. Alternatively, you can pay and play for £10 per session. Bookable via the Better App, head to Book Swimming at your chosen centre to select your session.

How do I find adult swimming lessons near me?

Simply use our online booking tool to find adult swimming lessons at your local Better centre.

How many swimming lessons do adults need?

This will entirely depend upon your individual goals when it comes to swimming. A beginner looking to take adult swimming lessons from scratch, will inevitably require more time in the water than someone looking to improve their technique.

Once you’ve started your swim journey, you can discuss your plan with your swimming tutor. Our Swim Doctor programme caters to all levels and training plans, so you can find the right lesson to suit you.

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