Swimming Lessons For Disabled Adults & Children

SEND Swimming With Better

At Better, we believe that swimming is for everyone, no matter what your support and access needs are.  

That’s why we offer a range of SEND and SEN swimming lessons at many of our pools and leisure centres. 

From 1:1 sessions for those who need extra help to group classes for more confident swimmers, we offer several options and classes for those swimming with disabilities.

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Why get water confident with Better?

We want to make swimming accessible, fun, and easy for everyone.

Our SEN swimming sessions and SEND swimming classes have been specifically developed for those swimming with a disability.

Our instructors have gone through dedicated training, meaning they can deliver inclusive classes for people with different disabilities, impairments and access needs.

Most of our leisure centres are also wheelchair accessible with poolside mobility aids, allowing those with physical disabilities to participate. Please check which accessibility measures are in place at your local leisure centre.

Please check which accessibility measures are in place at your local leisure centre.

What skills can I learn swimming with Better?

Our SEN swimming lessons and SEND swimming classes are designed to help adults and children swimming with a disability develop valuable skills and gain confidence in the water. Our trained instructors have developed lessons suitable for those with varying disabilities to ensure swimming can be enjoyable for everyone.

Our expert teachers will lead classes that help individuals:

  • Gain a sense of water awareness
  • Improve their swimming skills
  • Increase their enjoyment in the water
  • Socialise with others

There are also opportunities for more confident swimmers to hone their skills in a safe and inclusive environment and prepare for competitive swimming events.

Who Are Swimming Lessons For Disabled Adults And Children For?

Our SEND and SEN swimming lessons are designed to make staying active easy and fun for people who are registered as disabled.

Many of our classes are suitable for adults and children with:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical disabilities and mobility impairments
  • Visual and hearing impairments
  • Long-term illnesses and health conditions

If your disability means you need a carer or personal assistant to accompany you, our Inclusive UK Membership will provide them with free entry to our facilities when you attend a swimming lesson at a Better leisure centre.


“As a person with a mobility impairment, I have always struggled to find accessible exercise or any physical activity that I really enjoyed… Then I joined the Better gym and I went from hating any physical activity to going to the gym several times a week!” – Christina, Better member

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Our SEND Swimming Lessons and Classes

We have a range of programmes and classes available for both adults and children swimming with disabilities to boost your comfort and confidence in the water. To find out which classes are on offer near you, please check your local Better leisure centre.

Our SEND and SEN swimming sessions include: 

  • Foundation - SEND- Age over 4 years
  • Foundation - SEND- Age over 4 years with adult
  • Development - SEND (15 metres plus, 11-17 yrs)

More information about these levels can be found on our Children’s Swimming page.

1:1 lessons

Swimming is a great sport for everyone, but it can be unenjoyable and even unsafe for those with disabilities to learn in large, mainstream groups. That’s why we offer dedicated 1:1 sessions for both children and adults with disabilities so they can learn to swim in a safe space. In these lessons, specially trained instructors will help individuals learn the basics and practice their techniques with lots of support.

Our 1:1 SEN and SEND swimming sessions include: 

  • Junior Level Water individual lesson
  • Junior Foundation Disability Private Swim lesson
  • Junior Development Disability private swim lesson
  • Adult Disability Private Swimming Lessons
Contact your local centre for availability

Level Water

Working with our partner charity, Level Water, we provide free swimming lessons for children aged 4-11 years with physical and sensory disabilities. We also offer funded 1:1 sessions for those who need extra support. These funded classes are currently not available for those with learning, social or behavioural disabilities.

To can find out which classes are on offer near you, please check your local Better leisure centre.

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Teachers and Equipment

We know that swimming with a disability can be stressful and challenging. We want to help.

Our SEND swimming lessons and classes are led by teachers trained in helping those with a disability and take place in accessible leisure centres to make swimming easier for everyone.

Our experienced teachers not only guide individuals on how to improve their swimming ability and get confident in the water, but also create a safe and supportive environment. Participants will be able to practice swimming in a friendly space and support each other throughout, adding a social aspect to the activity.

We have also made sure that many of our pools and lessons are as convenient to use as possible, with accessible changing rooms and toilets, as well as Pool Pods

Our staff will ook after Guide Dogs and keep mobility aids safe during your session.

SEND and SEN Swimming Session FAQs

How much do SEND and SEN swim lessons cost?

You can book a Better swimming lesson from £3 (the price will vary depending on location). If your child is between ages 4 and 11 years, they may also be eligible for funded disability swimming lessons through our partnership with Level Water. Check your local Better leisure centre for more pricing information.

Why is swimming good for people with a disability?

Swimming is a great activity for everyone’s mental and physical health. Not only does spending time in the water help disabled swimmers stay active, but group swimming lessons can also provide a huge social benefit.

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