What is a Poolpod?

Poolpod lifts give you independent, comfortable access to the pool, getting you swimming quickly and easily.

Unlike traditional pool hoists, you can operate Poolpod yourself, using one of the specially designed wristbands, to access the pool independently.

Who is Poolpod for?

Poolpod lifts are perfect for anyone who might find it more difficult to access a swimming pool by using a ladder or steps, such as:

  • Parents with young children
  • Wheelchair users
  • Older adults
  • Pregnant women
  • People recovering from injuries
  • Anyone with limited mobility

How to use it?

Poolpod lifts are easy and intuitive to use. If you’re a regular user, you can get a wristband to use the lift independently. If you don’t have a wristband, simply ask one of the poolside team who will be able to assist you.


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