Better, Bodmin Leisure Centre are very proud to be Cornwall’s only indoor tennis centre, with 3 indoor courts and 4 floodlit outdoor tennis courts,

We welcome players of all ages and abilities. Whether you are club standard, returning to tennis, or complete beginner, we have something for you. We offer a comprehensive range of tennis activities, from court hire to individual coaching and also group coaching for junior and adult players.

Our facilities are open to all, membership options are available.


Tots Tennis: Fun tennis activities for children aged 3 - 5 years old. Children and parents will work together on sending and receiving skills, simple racket and ball work, balance, movement and coordination.

Mini Tennis Red: Mini tennis red is for players aged 8 and under. During this stage they will learn the fundamentals of tennis whilst playing on a smaller court with smaller rackets and softer balls. This allows them to develop key skills such as forehands and backhands whilst being able to rally with the coaches and their peers. 

Mini Tennis Orange: Mini Tennis orange is for players aged 8 and 9. Mini tennis orange is a great way for players to progress from mini tennis red. The court will be bigger than red stage but still not full sized. Mini tennis orange allows players to develop a more rounded game and start learning basic tactics before progressing onto a full size court.

Mini Tennis Green: Mini tennis green is for juniors aged 9 and 10. Mini Tennis Green is played on a full size court with bigger rackets but the balls are still slightly softer then normal yellow balls. During Mini tennis green players will start developing all aspects of their game on the full sized courts.

Yellow Ball Tennis: Players aged 11 years and old who are at this stage of their tennis pathway will be playing on full size courts with adult sized rackets as well as full yellow tennis balls. At this age the emphasis on tactical and technical development around match related skills.




Adult LEARN Courses

Designed for adults that would like coaching and learn the various techniques and tactics. These courses offer better coach / pupil ratios and the focus is on the needs of the group. Sessions will test your abilities on games based coaching drills

Learn Adult Beginner: Aimed at players starting out or returning to tennis. Our aim is to build your confidence as a player with lots of coaching on all the main strokes (forehand, backhand, volley and serve). Our AIM is to get you playing tennis!

Learn Adult Improver:players that know their way around a tennis court. Players can rally from the back of the court and at the net, using a good foundation of techniques. Your serve is developing and you have good knowledge of the doubles tactics and positions. 

Learn Adult Advanced:For team players or players that want to train and compete in an intense but fun environment. Players work on advanced techniques, spins and tactical patterns of play at a relatively high pace with CONSISTENCY.




Adult PLAY Drop in sessions

Adult  ‘Play’ sessions offer players the flexibility of only paying for sessions they attend.  Drop in play sessions provide opportunity to put your skills into practice. We offer both coached and uncoached play session both daytime and evening sessions







Cardio Tennis is a fun sociable but high energy group fitness activity. It is set on a tennis court supported by music, led by a trained coach. Chase down every ball and burn calories. No tennis playing experience required. 




Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are available for public use. Courts are bookable on an hourly basis starting on every hour. Customers can only hire one court per booking. 




1 to 1 lessons can be arranged at Better, Bodmin Leisure Centre with one of our enthusiastic and dedicated tennis coaching team.

To enquire about individual lessons please call reception 01208 75715 who will start the process and get you in touch with our tennis coaching team. £35 per lesson including the indoor court / £28 members

If you want an energetic hit or practice for a match, then we offer 1 hour hitting session with Owen Young (LTA Accredited Level 2 coach and County Player). The cost is £20 including Indoor Tennis Court.


Check out our fantastic Better Outdoor Tennis Membership at Bodmin Leisure Centre, available from £50 per annum. Enjoy the following as part of the membership:

  • Unlimited use of the outdoor tennis courts
  • Up to 20% off tennis drop in sessions
  • 20% off indoor tennis court bookings
  • Access to tennis coaching courses
  • Eligible for team selection and practice sessions
  • Eligible for Wimbledon Ballot (T & C apply)

Available at Bodmin Leisure Centre only. 





LTA Venue Minimum Standards

Our Safeguarding Code of Conduct covers the supervision and care of children and young people. The sets out the behaviours and good practice required of all staff and others working on GLL premises.

We are proud to promote the British Tennis Safeguarding policy standards, codes of behaviour and reporting procedures that demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding children and adults ar risk.

British Tennis Safeguarding Policy

British Tennis Diversity and Inclusion Policy

For more information on our safeguarding commitment or on LTA minimum standards at Bodmin Tennis Centre, please contact Karen Edmond Welfare Officer by emailing: