Date posted 09 Aug 2023

Looking for something new to experience?

Do you love attending fitness classes but can't make one of our timetabled classes?

Then we have what you are looking for at The Sands Centre as we have launched Virtual Fitness Classes!

Virtual Fitness Classes are available throughout the day, offering you greater flexibility to choose a class of your choice at the flick of a button. These flexible classes are available when there is nothing booked into Studio 1 or the Group Cycle Studio where both our Virtual class offerings are located. There are also timetable options if you prefer the structure of a routine, but feel nervous attending an instructor led class.

Virtual fitness is the fusion of exercise with technology. Virtual workouts are the same workouts you know and love, or perhaps want to try something new; designed for ease and convenience to suit the needs of our members.


Classes range to suit your needs from duration, style and ability which make them suitable for beginners through to advance.

With a range of classes available through our on-demand tablet from top fitness providers, that cover all aspects of our instructor led fitness class timetable from Strength and Conditioning, Cardio and Mind & Body there is a class for everyone!

In the Group Cycle Studio we have a bespoke offering that gives the users the flexibility to choose their own ride to achieve their goals for that Group Cycle session. The rest of our class offering is covered in Studio 1 where everything from Yoga to Power Pump is available in our Virtual Fitness class platform.

If you’ve never done a fitness class then our Virtual Fitness Classes can be a great place to find your feet before trying one of our instructor lead classes.

With amazing instructors up close and personal on the big screen you can get familiar with the choreography and perfect your technique in your own space and at a time that suits you. 

Exercise Made Easy. Your Choice. Your Energy. Your Way!

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