Friday 8th of March is International Women’s Day and to celebrate Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre are offering free trials of the gym and free fitness classes (subject to availability) throughout the day.  Click here to see what classes there are.  

In 1908, one of the first noteworthy steps in the pursuit to help women achieve parity with men around the world occurred in America. Females successfully striked over conditions at work in the textile industry. This political action was recognised by the Socialist Party; the following year a national women’s day was held. This prompted a chain of events across 17 countries as the Socialist International pushed for a joined up approach to the quest for suffrage and greater equality which led to the first International Women’s Day. The campaigns had various successes in countries across the globe over the following decades before the United Nations started celebrating International Women’s Day annually from the 8th March in 1975. Recently there have been hashtags associated with each year, in 2018 we had #Pressforprogress. Now it is all about #BalanceForBetter as women search for equal opportunities and continue the quest for equal pay. 

Bring your friend, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother or anyone who affiliates with the female gender and celebrate the day with us. You may even find a #BetterBalance related challenge in the gym.