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Charlie Hyman our local GLL Sport Foundation athlete sat down to talk about the merits of signing your child up to new futsal lessons at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre which launched in September.

Charlie, has won a European competition with Team GB, he is an England international and is currently playing for Pro Futsal. Last season, he won the NFS Futsal Series with Helvecia Futsal which made them the best team in England so earnt qualification to the UEFA Futsal competition the equivalent of the Champions League.  How did he end up here?

Charlie grew up in Chalk Farm and went to UCS in Hampstead.  At no stage did he excel in football although he did love the game. Whilst some of his local friends went to football academies Charlie focused on education and got into Nottingham University were he studied Geography.  At university, Charlie signed up for futsal where they had three teams. Charlie realised that his skill set was more appropriate for futsal and he had a real talent in the quick small sided game which is compared more with basketball than football. Charlie’s first professional club were Baku Futsal whom train at the Copper Box, coincidentally the venue for England basketball.

Charlie says that Futsal is a “Superb sport, really exciting, end to end action with lots of transitions, touches and playing in challenging areas.” 

By Charlie’s second year at university he was in the first team for futsal and invited to the England ID for the Midlands region. This was a key moment in his career although he doesn’t often reflect as Charlie is still 23 years old so has the majority of his career ahead of him. Charlie progressed from that regional ID day to one at St Georges Park where he got scouted into the England’s Under 23 Futsal team. Once on the England pathway and regularly excelling in the NFS Futsal Series for Pro Futsal (his second team) it was only a matter of time before the dominant club Helvecia Futsal wanted Charlie to play for them. Charlie achieved his aim of winning the league and has now returned to his boy hood club Pro Futsal after they secured promotion to the top flight.

Sceptics say that Futsal is just a development tool for football. However, there are a number of benefits for it as a sport in its own right. If you sign your children up to Swiss Cottage’s Futsal  lessons with our coach Emerson they will receive a lot of touches, the ball will stay on the floor and they will learn to use both feet so as they progress into matches they are comfortable in high pressure situations.

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