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Date posted 20 Jan 2022

We are happy to announce that our adult swimming lessons are back under the relaunched SWIM DOCTOR programme.

No matter what the swimming ability, every adult will fit in to one of our ten steps to becoming a confident and effective swimmer. The 10 steps build through the key milestones that would need to be achieved from a nervous non-swimmer to someone who is training for their first open water swim or Triathlon.

 As part of the joining and introduction to a Swim Doctor session every new adult will be assessed against where they sit on the 10 steps. As adults progress they will work towards their own goals and use the milestones to as a bench mark of how they are doing and what their next steps are.

 Sessions are now even easier to book, with both ‘drop in’ sessions available (£3/members or £10/non members) or if you prefer to commit each week and guarantee your space, prepaid options available.  

Lessons are currently 45minutes long and run on Thursdays 11:15am – 12:00pm.

What lessons should I book?

Swim Doctor group class - learn

An adult swimming class for learners and improvers. Whether you are getting in for the first time or refreshing and improving your swimming skills, come and learn with our resident Swim Doctor.

Swim Doctor group class – train

An adult swimming fitness class focused on fitness and technique. Whether you are training for an event or wanting to improve your technique and fitness, come and train with our resident Swim Doctor.

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