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Date posted 16 Dec 2021

GLL – the UK’s largest leisure charitable social enterprise - has once again shown its commitment to improving health, wellbeing and opportunity in the communities it works in, by supporting the next generation of athletes to the tune of £1.2 million, via The GLL Sport Foundation (GSF). 

The foundation provides athletes across the UK with financial help, physiotherapy, a ‘Better’ Gym membership and more.  In the wake of a difficult two years, GLL continued with the programme in 2020 and 2021, investing in the development of local talent aspiring to follow previous supported athletes such as Susie Rodgers, Dina Asher-Smith and Lutalo Muhammad. 

In 2022 GLL is investing over £1.2 million into local athletes aiming to follow in the footsteps of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic medallists such as Joe Choong, Matty Lee and Tully Kearney.

GSF athlete Joseph Choong won the Gold Medal in the Modern Pentathlon at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. 

Commenting on the support he has received from the Foundation over the years, he said: “I have been a part of GSF since 2013 – they’ve been there to support large parts of my career and now seen me through to become an Olympic Champion.

“The importance of the GSF can’t be overstated.  I look forward to helping the programme inspire younger generations into the future.”

Applications for the programme are open from December 20th 2021 until February 20th 2022 and athletes from the Croydon area are encouraged to apply. Last year, the GLL Sport Foundation in partnership with Croydon Council supported 67 local athletes.

Athletes from across the UK can apply for support through the GLL Sport Foundation via the online portal at: www.gllsportfoundation.org. Applications close 20th February 2022.