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Applications for financial and practical support from the GLL Sport Foundation (GSF) close on 20th February 2020.  The Foundation helps talented young athletes reach their sporting potential and is the UK’s largest independent athlete support programme in the UK.

The Foundation was launched in 2008, by charitable social enterprise, GLL – operator of public leisure facilities in Croydon; it provides athletes with financial support, physiotherapy and free gym memberships at GLL-operated facilities across Croydon.

2019, GSF supported over 3,000 athletes across 117 sporting disciplines, taking its total investment to £11 million in 11 years.

One Croydon based athlete currently supported by the GLL Sport Foundation is Weightlifting star Rayen Cupid.  Rayen currently trains across multiple Better facilities in Croydon, Lambeth and Crystal Palace.

Rayen said: "I am currently training for the Olympic qualifications for Tokyo 2020 which is extremely hard to achieve as a teacher, full time mum and athlete."

“‘The Foundation gives me the opportunity to continue my training by having the access to Better Gyms in my local area.

Rayen continues: "I want to continue to inspire people of all ages to get up and go, take risks and keep being active. I believe sport is so important for mental health and wellbeing and I hope my efforts inspire young women to celebrate their gifts in all shapes and sizes too.

"I am now also the first woman to represent Saint Vincent and grenadines in the sport of weightlifting. I plan to go their in the new year to keep spreading my joy of the sport. GLL has helped to keep my dream alive."

Applications can be submitted via https://www.gllsportfoundation.org/