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First inspired by Tom Daley’s spectacular World Championship win in July 2017, Andrew Hyett’s motivation for diving also came from a fundraising challenge for our charity partners, Cancer Research UK. Andrew said: “I started in March 2017 with the aim of building up to the Cancer Research UK event in June but I’ve loved it so much I have continued at the Tom Daley Diving academy which is great considering my original inspiration.”

Andrew wanted to challenge himself outside of the usual running or swimming challenges. In addition, he was scared of heights and wanted to overcome his fear, so diving ticked all the boxes and he began attending two sessions a week.

In the weeks that followed, he noticed his body was changing shape and that he was losing weight as a result of his diving lessons: ‘It has also helped me lose weight and tone up my body, which was never the aim but has been a very nice by-product of something that I really enjoy. Since I started diving I have had a number of friends and family tell me what good shape I’m in. The biggest benefit is it doesn’t feel hard or a chore, if I had to go running three times a week I would struggle and not enjoy it, but with the Tom Daley Diving Acamedy, I’m looking forward to every session.’

The social element of diving is not typically associated with such a primarily individual sport. However, for Andrew, being coached in a group adds a different dynamic and provides support and encouragement, many of our divers socialise after sessions also. “I have also found great camaraderie within the group, the social element is something I didn’t expect but is brilliant and not just with other pupils but coaches also.

“The social part of the sessions also keeps me coming back. You want to catch up with people and see how everyone is getting on.”

Andrew has also noticed some added perks of joining the Tom Daley Diving Academy “Its very inspiring to see the club and elite divers, my session starts around the time they are ending theirs and seeing the things they do and the progress is a fantastic thing to watch”

Tom Daley Diving Academy offers adult sessions and junior sessions from the foundations of diving through to competition ready divers. You can find adult lessons at a number of centres in London, visit better.org.uk/tomdaley for more information.

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