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Women Together in Finsbury Park is a Comic Relief Funded Project delivered in partnership with several women’s organisations within the local area along with GLL. As part of the social integration fund, the aim of the project is to encourage women from different backgrounds to come together through physical activity. Each organisation delivers their own sessions (some supported by Better instructors) with the idea that women from different cultural backgrounds will attend some or all of the activities on offer, thus becoming more physically active and also creating a wider more integrated community. As part of the partnership Open Days are held at different centres to introduce these communities to their local Better Facilities. Those women who achieve a milestone of attending 15 or more sessions are then rewarded with a certificate and a concessionary pay & play membership to allow them to continue to access the facilities at an affordable cost.

The 1st annual Women Together in Finsbury Park Celebration Event was held today (28/01/2020) at Sobell Leisure Centre. The event saw the coming together of over 40 women from at least 10 different cultural backgrounds, to celebrate their achievements in becoming regularly physically active. The agenda for the day covered a review of the 1st year of the project, updates from each organisation, launching the new round of activities, presentation of certificates and lastly some music, light refreshments and socialising.