This Girl Can Islington and Better Extreme have teamed up for an exciting fundraising event on the evening of Wednesday 7th March. Females aged 16 or over have free reign over the Sobell Leisure Centre’s brand new Trampoline Park from 7pm-8pm. Attendees are encouraged to don pink and purple as it is the colours of Cancer Research UK, Better's offical charity.

One of the first noteworthy steps in the pursuit to help women achieve parity with men around the world occurred in America during 1908 when females’ successful strikes over working conditions in the textile industry were recognised by the Socialist Party; the following year a national women’s day was held. This prompted a chain of events across 17 countries as the Socialist International pushed for a joined up approach to the quest for suffrage and greater equality which led to the first International Women’s Day. The campaigns had various successes in countries across the globe over the following decades before the United Nations started celebrating International Women’s Day annually from the 8th March in 1975. Recently each year there is a theme and 2018’s is #Pressforprogress as women search for equal pay and fairer access to high level jobs.

If you are not engaged by the history behind the event don’t worry as that will not stop you enjoying the festivities. For a £5 donation direct to Cancer Research UK (if you don’t already own a pair of trampoline socks) and£2 for a pair of trampoline socks (extra grip) you can jump, bounce, slide, duck, throw and duel with your fellow females to celebrate how far women have come. Once you have had released all that energy you can refuel from 8pm-9pm with complementary fruit and refreshments.

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