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“During the first week of Easter holidays, 15 visually impaired young people from the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) made their way down to Sobell Leisure Centre for an afternoon of Ice Skating and money management. RSBC’s Live Life Go Further programme offers visually impaired young people aged 8-25 the opportunity to build confidence, make friends and learn the skills they need to become more independent into adulthood. With the majority of the group never having skated before, it was bound to be an exciting day!

The afternoon started out in one of the function rooms at the leisure centre. The young people discussed ways to manage their money, their dream job for the future and how they can budget for essential costs. After the session the young people made their way to the Ice Rink. They were briefed on basic skating skills and how to fall and stand back up safely. When everyone was comfortably in their skates, we made it on to the rink. We had a mixed group of abilities with a couple of young people whizzing off, while others needed more 1-1 attention to get them comfortable on the ice.

After 40 minutes of skating, everyone felt confident enough to try and skate on their own. There were a few wobbles and falls, but everyone picked themselves up, faced their fears and had an amazing time!”