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Opening hours

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm  

For those parents who require extended time we can provide early drops offs from 7.30am and late pick ups until 6.30pm. Due to our registration we must stress that all children are collected on time. Any late collectors will be charged at premium rates.

Please note that the nursery is closed on bank holidays and we have a Christmas break from the 24th December until the 2nd January.

Nursery Fee

  Under 3's Over 3's
Full Time Daily Rate £68.00 £65.00
Adhoc Daily Rate £73.00 £73.00
Adhoc Half Day Rate £42.00 £42.00
Early Start 7.30am-8.00am £5.00 £5.00
Late Finish 6.00pm-6.30pm £5.00 £5.00

If we can confirm a place for your child, we ask for a non refundable registration fee of £50.

Fees are to be paid monthly in advance and are calculated on the basis of the nursery being open 51 weeks a year. The fees are based on an all inclusive package.

We are happy to say that we offer a 5% NHS discount and a 5% sibling discount.

Nursery Rooms

Baby room

Baby room includes a number of areas to help engage children and assist with their development including black and white area, book / cosy, construction / sensory, role play  and messy play areas.  In addition the baby room boasts its own kitchen, changing area and sleep room.

baby room

Transition room


Transition room offers further development with areas such as small world, construction, sand and water, as well as book corner and role play.


Toddler room 1

Toddler room provides more structured activities and therefore includes role play, home corner, construction and messy play, book corner plus small world areas.

Our toddler 2 room cater for children aged 2-2.5 years so we can ensure activities are structured and more specific to their age group.

Toddler 2

We start to prepare the children for preschool by focusing on hand writing, phonics. 

Our toddler 2 room cater for children aged 2.5-3 years so we can ensure activities are structured and more specific to their age group.

Preschool room

nursery image

Preschool room helps prepare children for the school transition and as well as messy play, role play, book corner and puzzle areas, has dedicated maths and writing areas.

As well as an outdoor garden and play area, the Nursery has access to our on-site sports facilities here at Sutton Sports Village, as part of their weekly routine including:

•  tennis courts
•  football pitches
•  gymnastics hall
•  dance studios
•  under 8's play park 


If you would like to find out more, why not pop in to see all the facilities we have to offer?  Please contact our Nursery Manager Rosie Williams via email at for more information.

If you need help understanding how your child learns and develops, download this parent guide:   Parents Guide

What our customers say

My daughter has attended Sutton Day Nursery since she was 10 months old and is now in preschool. Although we had a temporary break of 7 months due to a change of jobs Sutton Day became, in my daughter's words, “my favourite nursery”. Recently I have seen her development flourish especially with the preschool team and their ability to make phonics and numbers fun and interactive. The children attend football on Mondays and are given the opportunity to join gymnastics, which my daughter loves. I do sometimes struggle getting her to leave after a whole day there as more often than not she wants to stay longer. A lovely, clean and welcoming nursery that I highly recommend. - Angel Tolentino

My daughter started here when she was about 8 months when I had to return to work and she is now in the pre-school room.
Like many others, I had visited many nurseries and I was running out of hope as I was not satisfied nor got the ‘feeling’ that this was the one until I visited here. The staff at every stage of development have been absolutely fantastic, so loving and supportive. My daughter adores all the staff and nursery, and she has flourished. As Better, Sutton Day Nursery is now under a different company, the kids benefit from their fantastic facilities and staff like the playpark, creative movement and the gymnastics academy.
Organisation and communication is fab, the staff are very responsive to feedback and welcome parental input. I am hoping to start my son in the baby room in September, as I know he will too, get a fantastic experience and I will have peace of mind when returning- they will both be absolutely fine. - Zaira Sami

My little boy started at Sutton Day Nursery at 10 and a half months. The baby room was extremely accommodating and he took to the staff and the other babies easily and without any problems.They made it very easy for me to feel that he was in safe and secure hands when I initially started leaving him.
He has grown and matured and is now in the toddler room and is nearly 3.
The staff are extremely kind and caring, there is a family atmosphere at drop off and pick up with everyone making sure everyone is looked after and making sure all us parents know exactly what our little ones are doing or have done during the day.I would not hesitate in recommending the manager and all the staff at Sutton Day. - Nikki de Bruin

I viewed 3 nurseries before this one and knew as soon as I saw the setup and met the staff this was the one for us. Each age group has its own room, extremely secure entry and the play area is great. The place is spotlessly clean and all the staff are fantastic, each day they’re doing new activities with the children and give you a full run down each day. Would highly recommend to anyone and I’m a very fussy mother! - Faye Ellery

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