Date posted 05 Mar 2020

If classes are your thing, then our class timetable is one of the huge benefits you will get from our all-inclusive membership here at Better Gym Walsall Wood.

2020 has begun with a fantastic start, as we welcome back members to the new club app, new class timetable & even more excitingly, a brand new studio floor.

The new studio floor has been a huge investment to us and comments from members say how greatly it has impacted their workouts and feel to the classes.

One of our new classes for 2020 is Chi-Ball, taught by our lovely Lorraine. Chi-ball is a low intensity, movement-based class that follows the lines of Tai-Chi, but also incorporates other components of fitness, such as low intensity core exercise, basic balance and co-ordination exercises.

Remember to book in to guarantee your space or contact the club to speak to a member of the Team if you have any questions.