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Saturday 18th of August saw Better Gym Walsall Wood hold its first annual charity awards evening!

Firstly we’d like to thank everyone who attended, donated and made the night memorable.

In total we raised £200 for Cancer research UK

Over 30 members attended as well as 9 members of staff. We decorated the room with a Hawaiian theme and most of the attendees dressed up.

As well as awards, we also had a DJ, a buffet, a raffle and even limbo!

The awards we chosen between staff for various different reasons. The winners are as follows:

Couple of the Year - Sue and Graham

Sue and Graham have been members now for several years. Graham went through a life changing incident yet still trains 4-5 times a week, takes part in classes and trains with Rob. Sue has now lost 5 stone by training with Rob and taking part in numerous classes, despite going through 2 operations. Sue also runs Race for Life every year and other 10ks to raise money for Cancer Research UK after losing her brother to prostate cancer. Both Sue and Graham are dedicated, hard working and friendly to all. No one deserves this award more than them.

Male Member of the Year – Maurice Phillips

85 years old. Maurice is 85 years old and still comes to train 4 times a week. Maurice takes part in 6 classes a week, including Powerpump, TBC, Yoga and Pilates. He’s been here since the gym opened 14 years ago! This is despite it being a 15 minute drive from his house. Maurice always gives 100% effort in each class and even has time to banter the instructor. We expect Maurice to be doing exactly the same in the years to come.

Female Member of the Year – Lynne Lewis

Lynne is another one of our highly dedicated members. She attends several classes a week even on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon where she is sometimes the only participant! Despite this she still gives it her all. Lynne is one of our fittest members which she shows in every one of her sessions. Whether it’s kettlebell swings or treadmill sprints, she always wants to be pushed further.

Achievement Award – Laura Westwood

Laura changed her life last October and joined Better Gym Walsall Wood. Since then she’s improved her diet, attended classes every week and in the process has lost 100lbs and completely changed her body! That’s a massive achievement. Laura has bought into the community spirit of the gym and has made several friends from attending. Great work!

Personal Trainer of the Year – Ryan Percox

Ryan’s job is to help improve people’s lives. This year he has completely built a business to help him to do that. He has a professional approach and is constantly looking at improving his own knowledge. As well as building his own business he supports the rest of the club around the gym and reception. Throughout all of this Ryan himself has lost nearly 5 stone!

Staff Member of the Year – Rue Kaur

Rue is not only a huge part of the team but also a part of the furniture. She’s our longest serving member of staff and knows the majority of our members by name and knows even the smallest details about them! As well as this she works extremely hard within all aspects of the business. Rue has become the face of Walsall Wood over the years and is still as passionate and hard working as she was back when she started with is.


We’ll be hosting the awards annually and hope to see the attendance increase each year with more people receiving awards and more being raised for charity.


Again thanks to everyone.

James Lawrence

General Manager